Course FAQs

Learn more about Construction Courses in Sydney with NSW White Card.


Can Centrelink pay for me?

What you need to do is register with your local Job Network Agent. Your Employment Consultant will make the booking with us on your behalf and arrange payment with us directly. Unfortunately Centrelink does not pay directly.

Can I pay my package in installments?

Unfortunately we cannot offer this service, full payment of course fees are required at the time of booking. The good news is that we try to always offer value for money and keep course fees affordable, so you know that you are always getting good value, especially with our package deals which offer reduced prices!

Can you get me a job?

Although we cannot guarantee you a job, we would be delighted to refer you to an agent who may be able to assist you to find work.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be made at the time of booking using either a credit card, EFTPOS or cash. Invoices and acceptance of company cheques is by prior arrangement only.


How long is the Card valid for?

This card does not expire, however if you have not worked on a construction for 2 years or more, SafeWork NSW recommends attending a course to update your skills and knowledge.

ID Requirements - White Card and Forklift.

For all courses it is essential to provide photo ID (i.e. Passport, Drivers licence, Photo ID card, Student Card), however, the White Card and Forklift course requires 100 points of ID.

The acceptable documents for 100 points of ID are listed in the table below and contain both primary and secondary documents. You can provide only one (1) primary document with secondary documents to form 100 points. Alternatively, you can provide a combination of secondary documents to form 100 points. The combination of documents must contain a date of birth, current residential address, photograph and signature. Please bring original evidence of identity documents with you. Certified copies will not be accepted.

If you are unable to provide the correct ID, by law, you will not be permitted into the course.

PRIMARY ID - Only ONE Primary ID document can be used

Passport (Current or expired within last 2 years but not cancelled)


Full ORIGINAL Australian Birth Certificate or Birth Card


Australian Citizenship Certificate.


SECONDARY ID - A combination of secondary documents is allowed to make up 100 points however if more than one credit or ATM cards, or bank statements are used they MUST be from different financial instituions. NOTE: MUST BE VALID ORIGINAL DOCUMENT / CARD ISSUED IN AUSTRALIA

Current Australian Drivers Licence


Current Australian Boat Operator's Photo Licence


Current Australian Firearms Licence


Current Australian State or Territory Proof of Age/Photo Card


Australian Defence or Police photo identification card


Medicare Card


Bank ATM or Credit Card


Centrelink Card


Motor Vehicle Registration Papers


Motor Vehicle Insurance Certificate


Department of Veterans Affairs Card


Property (Council) Rates Notice


Property Lease Agreement


Home Insurance Papers


Utility Bill; eg: Electrical, Water, Gas


Bank Statement/s


Is the Certificate valid for use nationally?

As of the 1st of September, the General Induction Card is recognised nationally.

What happens if my Card is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed?

You can complete an application form (Replacement of a SafeWork NSW Construction Induction Card, form number ACC06) and submit to SafeWork NSW with the associated fee of $30, together with proof of training details, identification and a signed statutory declaration. Further information can be found on SafeWork NSW’s website or phone 13 10 50.

What is the difference between the "Green Card" and "White Card"?

Previously, participants who completed the WHS Induction course were issued with a “green card”. With legislation changes, participants are now issued with a “white card”.

Forklift Licence

Are there any additional fees if I fail?

If you fail your course, additional training days cost $100 per day and the SafeWork NSW assessment is $190.

Are there any more fees once I pass?

Once you have passed your test, you will need to pay a SafeWork NSW fee to Australia Post for your license card.

Do I have to renew my Licence?

Yes, you will need to renew your license every 5 years.

How do I renew my Licence?

This depends on how long ago your license expired … if your license expired less than 12 months ago, you need to contact SafeWork NSW. If your license expired more than 12 months ago, you will need to take the course again.

How long does the course take?

The course will take 3 days to complete.  There are two consecutive days of training which take place on either Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday and Friday every week. The third day is an assessment day which takes place Mondays. 

How much is the Course?

The course will cost you $400.

I have a Forklift License gained overseas, can I use this in Australia?

We understand you may be an experienced driver however, SafeWork NSW does not currently recognize a license from outside of Australia. Therefore, you will be required to attend the course to gain a NSW Forklift license.

What does LF mean?

An LF license allows you to operate any and every Forklift with the exception of an Order Picker or Stock Picker Forklift, whether it be a high reach or a low reach vehicle.

Where are you located?

Our training location is at 1 Cowper St GRANVILLE NSW 2142.

Parking is not available near training centre, car park is close to railway station or public transport is best option. Granville train station is 500m from training centre.

Traffic Control

Can I convert my Grey Traffic Controllers photo ID card to a Blue Traffic Controllers card?

Persons holding a Grey Traffic Controllers – Non Construction Card and who have completed their NSW SafeWork OHS General Construction Induction training or recognised equivalent can now convert their Traffic Controller - Non Construction card to the Blue Traffic Controller Photo Id card. To convert your Grey Card to a RTA Blue Traffic Controller Photo Id card, call the Traffic Control Training Unit on (02) 8837 0356 or check the website for more details.

Do I require a White Card for this training?

No. You do not require a White Card to undertake this training, however you will need a White Card to work  or be assessed on a construction site in NSW.

How long is my licence valid for?

Your licence will be valid for a 3 year period. We recommend you apply to get re-certified before it expires.

How long is my Statement of Completion (SOC) valid for?

A Statement of Completion (SOC) is valid for 90 days. This allows individuals to work & gain experience within this time period. Note your SOC must be in date to undertake the practical assessment on a live worksite.

How long is the Photo ID Card valid for?

All Photo ID Cards are valid for three years. To re-qualify as a Traffic Controller you will need to complete the training and assessments to receive a valid Photo ID Card.

What can I do as a Traffic Controller?

Traffic Controllers gain the skills & knowledge to stop/direct road users using a stop/slow bat and understand stopping sight distances. If you are new to the industry, we recommend undertaking the Combo course to further increase prospects of employment.

What happens if my Statement of Completion (SOC) has expired?

If your SOC has passed its 90 day period of validity, you can no longer use this for work purposes

What if I have an overseas Drivers Licence?

If the date of issue is 12 months or more from the date you are attending a training course and it is not a learner’s permit then you may be able to attend the training. If the licence is not written in English an International Driving Permit or an English translation must be also carried with the licence If you are uncertain please check with your Training Provider, call the Traffic Control Training Unit (02) 8837 0356 or check the website for more details.

What if my licence has been lost or stolen?

Please contact the Roads & Traffic Authority on 1300 828 782

What if my Ticket has been lost or stolen?

Please contact the Roads & Traffic Authority on (02) 8837 0356.

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